Best Time to Buy Clothing

pexels-photo-285171Boxing day is long gone and we’re already counting down the days until Black Friday 2018. Our thoughts are with all those that currently suffer from retail therapy withdrawal. Sure, you told yourself on New Year’s that spending less on clothes and keeping retail therapy to a minimum was one of your goals. We’re here to help actualize your goal. Here’s a guide to maximizing both your wardrobe and your wallet.

Bargain Shopping Rule of Thumb

“When demand is high, prices are high and when demand is low, prices are low.”

May seem like a basic concept from economics class, but truth is, most consumers are not planners, they shop for their needs and wants as they arise. When synced with other consumers, this notion strongly dictates demand. To beat the rush, your best bet is to purchase Spring/Summer clothes at the end of August, and Fall/Winter clothes at the end of January when stores clearance out their excess stock.

PRO TIP: Check out stores on Thursday evenings roughly 6-weeks after they’ve made their appearance on the racks. Typically, managers begin discounting goods on Thursdays as a apart of the weekend sale.

Best Time of the Year to Buy a Winter Coat

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been eyeing a winter coat since December hoping for it to go on sale for Boxing Day. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so you’re left refreshing the Zara website every 3 days hoping for a miracle. Mid-late January and Early February are the best times to splurge on a coat. By then, the vast majority of people who need winter coats already have them and retailers will need to make room for spring clothing. The tradeoff? The longer you wait, the worse the selection will get.


Best Month to Buy Sneakers

November and April. Check for November sales at big-box retailers, which need to make room for winter boots and shoes. Athletic shoe stores often offer great sales in April, when non-serious runners start hitting the pavement again. Be sure to also check outlets for further discounts and promotions!


Best Time for Purchasing Suits

Suits go on sale throughout the year, but January typically is a slow month for suit sales, so clothiers will lower prices to get you in their stores. When you’re shopping, consider all-weather wool suits and timeless styles, and remember that, to some extent, you get what you pay for. You probably won’t have a $100 suit in your closet four or five years from now, but you may have a $500 suit for as long as you’re able to fit into it.


When to Buy a Party or Formal Dress

Dresses for every occasion? You name it, they got it. Whether you were looking for a classy, formal dress to wear to the annual Christmas dinner or a sparkly, show stopping number for a New Year’s Eve night out, stores carried it all. Once the festivities came to an end, the first item to go on sale are usually holiday dresses. Make sure to snatch a few to stock up for different occasions throughout the year.


Best Month for Swimsuits

Swimsuit sales tend to start early summer, but by September, department and specialty stores badly want to get rid of swimsuits.


Best Time of the Year to Buy Jeans

October is the time to invest in a good pair of jeans! Wait until the back-to-school sales end in September, and you’ll see deep discounts, especially during fall seasons.



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