Friendship Never Ends: The Spice Girls Two Decades Later

The nostalgia is real right now. The Spice Girls recently reunited and it was everything.


The photo surfaced on the girls Instagram pages just a day ago. Within hours fans had gone into a frenzy “liking” the posts over 2 million times and creating a firestorm of rumours.

British media outlet, The Sun, is reporting that the group is in talks of a reunion for a TV Talent competition and a few endorsement deals. There has also been word of a greatest hits album in the works.

A Look Back at #SpiceWorld.

Famous for their hit’s such as Wannabe and Say You’ll Be There the girl group turned pop sensations quickly grew in popularity after releasing their debut album in 1996. While the world fell in love with their music, their personalities and values captured the world as well.


Each member of the group was known for their persona and their individual styles. It’s been nearly two decades since they went on their hiatus so we get it if you are getting a little rusty on your Spice Girl knowledge. Here is a brief summary (left to right):

Geri Halliwell or Ginger Spice was often seen as the leader of the group.  Known for her sensual and outrageous outfits, she was responsible for the group’s most iconic fashion moment when she wore a Union Jack dress at the 1997 Brit Awards.

Victoria Beckham or Posh Spice was known for her choppy bop cut, numerous little black designer dresses and love of heels.

Emma Burton or Baby Spice, the youngest in the group typically sported pigtails, pastel coloured clothing and babydoll like dresses.

Melaine Brown (Mel B) otherwise known as Scary Spice, was known for her use of crop tops and eccentric patterns in her outfits.

Melanie Chisholm (Mel C) was the infamous Sporty Spice. Her typical look included a tracksuit paired with athletic shoes and a high pony-tail.

During their career, the group quickly became trendsetters of their time. We will never forget their classic bra and blazer look or their popularization of Buffalo platform shoes and the double bun.


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What were your favourite fashion moments from the Spice Girls brief but momentous career?




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