Sanchez-Kane: Sexual References and Strong Messages

On the “about” section of Barbara Sanchez-Kane’s website, she defines her label as a “Mexican clothing brand curated by emotional chaos.” For the Men’s Fall 2018 collection, Sanchez-Kane presented a set inspired by the lack of sexual education for youths in her native country.

Her models symbolized the school boys who learn early on that “they’re soccer, not ballet.” With a mission to break down taboos and barriers, Sanchez-Kane utilized this sexually charged show to broadcast her message through fashion.

Sanchez-Kane is communicating her ideas via plaid patterned suits inspired by school uniforms in Mexico City, chicken coop wire used as accessories, and button down shirts with exposed nipples. “Growing up in school, they were afraid to talk to you about sex,” the designer said backstage, where she stood beside two models in bondage straps and lined lips. Although, her pieces are unconventional, Sanchez-Kane still manages to capture our attention and transmit a strong message.


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