Director Intro: Creative Director

Rosie, Creative Director 

Number of years you’ve been on the show: 3 years

A description of your position: Creative Director is a lot of fun and imagination in being able to set the story and themes of the show. They also get to work closely with almost every department and collaborate together in executing a great show each year!

Why did you decide to join CFS?
I studied fine arts growing up so venturing into a fashion show extracurricular like CFS seemed like a fun and natural extension of that. Plus, people of all different backgrounds, programs, interests, and experience levels are on the team. And the charity aspect and amount donated was a pretty mindblowing aspect so all the more reason to get involved! #forthechildren

What are some highlights from your experience with CFS?
The people by far are the best part of the experience. From carrying bags of clothing to dancing around in rehearsals to late night meetings, everything’s better with the fun and supportive execs and models. Also, the actual day of show is a tiring but rewarding experience. The clothing team always has a room in the basement of Centennial Hall called the “clothing dungeon,” which is dedicated to the outfits, so as director last year I got to run a dungeon per se.

What are some things you’ve learned from being on CFS?
1) Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and express ideas
2) Safety pins are great for hemming clothes
3) Generating novel models of genetic disorders can help researchers study diseases and better develop treatments (which is a worthy cause to support!)

What’s #1 on your bucket list?
Live/work in at least 5 different countries

What’s your motto to live by?
Life is a marathon, not a sprint – don’t be afraid to take a couple detours along the way


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