Introducing: Our Innova 2018 Makeup Artists

With our show approaching in roughly 2 weeks, we’d like to take this time to introduce you to the artists behind the amazing makeup we see in our show! This year we have 6 artists – Diyana, Maryam, Ashlyn, Jennifer, Nivi, and Melissa.

1. What fuelled your passion for makeup?
Ashlyn: I continue to run my own business (FINESSE by Ashlyn) as a freelance makeup and hair artist because I get so much satisfaction out of making my clients feel and look their best! Makeup truly is a powerful tool that helps boost confidence and creativity. I also love to express and share my artistry skills by creating makeup looks for my @finessebyashlyn social media platforms like my website, Youtube channel, Instagram and Facebook.
Jennifer: When I was younger I would constantly watch my mom put on make up for hours. Not only did she look pretty, but I could also tell that she felt pretty, so because of that I took passion in making people feel good about themselves through makeup.

Nivi: When I was younger, I used to really enjoy dancing. I was enrolled in Bharathanatyam classes which is a form of cultural Indian dancing. During performances of this sort, women were expected to have very visible stage makeup. This is definitely where my passion for makeup began. It just sort of bloomed there on out.



2. Who is your beauty/fashion inspiration?
Diyana: Rihanna, David Bowie, G-Dragon, and Tyler, the Creator. I’m big on music, and these artists also have me weak when it comes to their aesthetics.
Maryam: My makeup inspirations are the Kardashian-Jenners. They make every type of look ‘wearable’.
Ashlyn: I am inspired by Lisa Eldridge for her artistry techniques and tips because she is extremely experienced and has worked on so many celebrities in her career. I also love following Jaclyn Hill’s journey on Youtube because she is literally the definition of a woman who has made her dreams come true in the beauty community!
Melissa: My makeup inspiration comes from many different makeup artists on Instagram. Mostly @beccaboo318, @meicrosoft, @paisleymattes and @lucinda212.

3. Which weird makeup trend do you think is the most bizarre, and why? 
Maryam: I think the nostril hair (putting lashes in your nostril) trend would be the weirdest by far. Thank god no one actually follows it!
Ashlyn: False eyelashes applied around your nostrils is by far the weirdest trend I have seen. All of them are so bizarre! But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try them. You might see me with fishtail eyebrows coming soon on my Instagram account. 😉
Jennifer: The most bizarre make up trend would definitely be feather eyebrows. I just don’t see why it is a trend.
Melissa: I think its so weird and unnecessary when people use thick red lipstick to “color correct” under their makeup because in my opinion they’re just adding texture to their face and there are so many more products that actually do that job way better. Basically those clickbait Instagram tutorials need to stop!
Messages Image(403205070).png

4. If you could create your own makeup brand, what would you name it?
Diyana: Glowflex Cosmetics.. something involving glowing and flexing topped off with some consonance, you feel me?
Maryam: Makeup by “Mar”, “Samadi” in fancy letters… something like that!
Jennifer: If I could create my own makeup brand, I would name it Temptation by Jennifer.

Nivi: I’d name it Nivified. I’d imagine that if my product line was a hit, it’d be kind of cool to see hashtag nivified, and see my work come to life on people’s faces.

Huge shoutout once again to our makeup artists, and you can check out their work on March 16th at our INNOVA Show! See you all there!

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