Trending Now: Teddy Bear Coats

There has been a new coat trend making its way around, it’s cozy, it’s fluffy, it’s warm – it’s a teddy bear coat. Various influencers have taken to Instagram to show off their much-loved jackets, and not only do they look extremely comfortable, they’ve become a staple piece in their OOTD’s.

In particular, I.AM.GIA seems to be the “go-to” brand that influencers and celebrities are purchasing, with their famous Pixie Coat. Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, and Inka Williams are just a few people who have been seen rocking this coat.

But with its $110 price tag, this might not be ideal for everyone. Since this trend has been making waves, other brands have created more affordable dupes for this must-have piece.


Messages Image(204554854).png

Forever 21

Messages Image(1063148418).png

Personally, I’m very on board with this trend because who doesn’t want the feeling of being wrapped in blanket all day?


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