Guo Pei’s Secret Garden Fantasy

Enchantment filled Cirque d’Hiver’s stage as 23 handcrafted pieces of the finest Swiss embellishments made its appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Each unique in nature and individually sewn to the last crystal, Guo Pei stuns the world again with her meticulous works of art. Through a modern interpretation of flowers and roots, Pei portrays a mystic fantasy using nothing more than an array of feathers, florals, and fabrics.

Upon first glance, Pei’s Spring 2018 Haute Couture line appears to be a better fit within a costume department or an opera house. Although unconventional, any particular dress deems to be suitable for an upcoming gala or awards ceremony. Aligning closely with a colour scheme consisting of blues and golds, this fantastical garden serves as the fashion industry’s response to beauty in nature.

The finale? An immaculate gown with trailing crystals glided across the slick surface of theCirque d’Hiver’s runway. A djembé performer came out as the models took their place around the stage and the crowd was on their feet. Spectacular end to a truly breathtaking show.


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