INNOVA: Not an ordinary fashion show

From choreo to charity, CAISA Fashion Show is not your typical runway show. More than 120 individuals have put thousands of hours into INNOVA to make it nothing short of spectacular. Not to mention you can count on some surprises this year as it is our 20th Anniversary Show.

Our Vision

The phrase fashion show can be quite ambiguous. Throw the image of a long stage with a parade of stone-faced models in the trash and let us redefine your definition of a fashion show. Think, 5 scenes, 60 models, 1 narrative and obvi lots of choreography. The show is able to combine storytelling and fashion like none other.

Our Theme

The Hunger Games. Divergent. Get ready to see the fiercest heroine since these stories were printed. What sets CAISA Fashion Show apart from the rest are the theatrics and production values that bring the stage to life. This year, watch a courageous tale of triumph and tribulation unfold on stage.

Our Cause

The superlative of being Canada’s largest student-run fashion show says it all. Aside from the glam, the fashion show every year aims to reach new philanthropic heights. This year, the team has its sights set on raising $35,000 for Children’s Health Foundation yet again, in support of research on novel models in genetic disorders. That being said, we can’t reach our goal without the help our generous sponsors and ticket holders.

Do we need to say more to convince you to see the show this year? Tickets to INNOVA can be purchased here ($35 GA & $55 VIP).

See you on Friday, March 16th, 2018 or face the unbearable FOMO!



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