Giorgio Armani Goes Political​ in Milan

Known for the shows he has staged in the city for over half a century, Armani used this experience to produce a minimalistic yet powerful showing at Milan Fashion Week 2018. The co-ed collection was thematically premised on the idea of sophisticated simplicity. The designer explained his thinking behind the more conservative collection by critiquing other designers who use shock value to garner publicity, a comment he also used to address recent political unrest in Italy.

The inclusion of many cultures in the designs and the overall simplicity of the looks, Armani claims, were “…an ode to coexistence as opposed to exclusion.” His aim was not only to unify the 500 distinguished guests at the show but also, the thousands of individuals engaging in protests nearby. Fashion in his eyes has a big impact on individual behaviour and attitudes.

The outerwear-focused collection was filled with numerous draped looks featuring sophisticated tailoring and lots of velvet, fur and satin. Recurring items included embroidered jackets, poncho-style shirts and oversized berets that look like they came straight out of history class. The colour scheme varied from neutral light pinks and greys to richer blues and purples.

We are excited to see where the fashion juggernaut takes his clothing this season. Here is a look at some of the collection:


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